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George Gray Centre works in partnership with business and community organisations for the common goal of creating opportunities and facilitating positive life experiences for those living with disability.

  • Liberty Swing
  • Shade Sails
  • Fencing

Partners & Projects

Discover our supporters and how they help George Gray Centre. 

ExxonMobil Australia (ESSO)

GGC Sensory Garden – Major Funding Sponsor

ExxonMobil Australia were the major funding sponsor of the GGC Sensory Garden and Liberty Swing. They have supported GGC over many years through community engagement activities and by human resourcing events.

Learn more about ExxonMobil

GGC Auxiliary

GGC Sensory Garden – Major Funding Sponsor

GGC Auxiliary were funding sponsors of the GGC Sensory Garden and Liberty Swing. 

The GGC Auxiliary are an amazing group of volunteers that are dedicated to improving the lives of those living with disability.

Thanks to their efforts and contributions, GGC has been able to purchase equipment and technology that has benefited both the participants and supported employees of George Gray Centre.

Trinity Families Charitable Fund - Sale

GGC Sensory Garden – Funding Sponsor

The Trinity Families Charitable Fund were funding sponsors of the GGC Sensory Garden.

Trinity Families is a charitable fund which operates to serve other charities supporting families in the Greater Gippsland area. It does not run programs itself but operates like a philanthropic trust to provide funding.

Learn more about Trinity Families

Wellington Shire Council

Liberty Swing – Major Funding Sponsor

Wellington Shire Council were major sponsors of the Liberty Swing.

Wellington Shire Council is the third largest municipality in Victoria.

Learn more about Wellington Shire Council

Sale to Sea Kayak

Liberty Swing –  Major Funding Sponsor

Sale to Sea Disability Kayak Challenge were funding sponsors of the Liberty Swing.

This not-for-profit organisation, driven by dedicated volunteers supported Gippsland communities affected by hardship and permanent or temporary disablement for the 14 years. They have been amazing contributors to our community. 


Expert Partner

Aerium Business Consulting has been working with GGC since 2020. Their expertise in business supported GGC through the exceptionally hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Thank you

Thank you to our many loyal customers and commercial partners that work with our Gardening Services team each year.

We look forward to continuing these relationships for many years to come.

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